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Digital Future Thinking


The future of work

How can the Adidas Group ensure a world class experience for both internal and external candidates and can be perceived to be the biggest challenges and opportunities?

What does it mean to be an attractive employer in the future? 

In today’s digital world, it is now more crucial than ever before to provide a personalised and engaging customer experience that helps the company meet your strategic and marketing objectives.

How can the Adidas brand transform digital – in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. 


An attractive employer

Today, the scarcity of talent has put employer branding at the centre of company employment strategies and involves creating an image of employers as being great to work for in the minds of the target candidate pool. This means positioning the company favourably in the job market in order to attract the best talent out there. The challenge here was to find ways to integrate the digital world to create ‘Moments that Matter’ for Adidas Group candidates.


The 10 year plan

The project ended with a creative proposal for a 10 year plan for the Adidas Group. Every single touch point between a candidate and the brand reflects on Adidas. This includes an interactive recruitment site where people can search and explore new positions, which increases the amount of touchpoints.

Year 1 – Augmented Reality Installations – Transparency across all channels. 

Year 2 – Internal Innovation Lab

Year 3 – (Future Concept: The Augmented Reality workspace; How we can work from different places of the world and still be connected).


Key learnings
  • Emerging digital technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence & big data
  • Future Mapping
  • Future thinking
  • Employer branding
  • Open innovation