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Manchester City

Engage International Fans


Concept: Every fan is unique

It’s a community-centric platform and it exist to serve the people that comprise the community. Not built not on the backs of the ManCity brand, but on a nuanced understanding of the members and their needs, both practical and emotional.

We researched and found there are no hard and fast rules – each fan brings their own personality and culture to the City Community. However, before we engage we need to understand who we want to engage and why:

To achieve the dream City need to get to know the fans better. 


Know your fans

The product aims to solve two problems:

Firstly, the need to understand the fans deeply; how engaged are they today and what is their growth potential?

And secondly, what is the best path to increase the fan’s engagement?




It’s a data driven decision support tool designed to help city generate and test the right fan engagement strategies across all of their touchpoints.

The tool helps City identify the unique behaviour of each fan – this means City can optimise the support they give to move them ‘up’ the community to the blue moon.

Automated and personalised insights that help City to spot opportunities for the highest potential impact on fan engagement.

With “Fanatomy”, Manchester City can create data-driven and personalised strategies, to engage fans most likely to grow the community and have lasting loyalty.


Identify the true potential growth

In the past, Manchester City would have treated all of these equal but we this solution we can identify the true potential growth and support then.

  1. Fans who pre-dated Jesus joining city are considered more loyal and closer to the ‘Super Fan’ status
  2. More recent fans who after this point we assign a lower ‘loyalty’ value so their ‘fan score’ is naturally lower MEANING – this segment have greater potential return for engagement
  3. Started to look at proximity to other clubs (i.e. temporal – what other clubs + players following and when)
  4. Could enhance the model with by adding things like sentiment and further network analysis in the future.


Every fan brings their own personality and culture to the community. 

  • Digital Engagement
  • Big Data
  • Community-centric platforms
  • Data analytics
  • Social Media analytics