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Nomi Tang


Sensual Seduction

Curious in the arts of sensual seduction, Asian-German entrepreneur Nomi Tang has set out to develop a range of high-quality products to meet the demands of design-savvy consumers. They combine emotional design with safety, ergonomics and intuitive controls, making them perfect gifts for a special someone or a nice solo treat. We are sure that Nomi Tang will soon become your indispensable companion.


An innovative product line

The goal was to attack the Asian and international markets for adult toys with an innovative product line. Via a sensual and high quality brand, the focus was on a confident and design-oriented market that established brands had so far neglected.


Better than chocolate

The new brand Nomi Tang was developed by WILDDESIGN from scratch and is the basis for the product design, packaging design and a comprehensive design manual.

From Hong Kong, the new brand spread rapidly around the global adult toy market. By winning the red dot Design Award 2010 for “Better Than Chocolate”, Nomi Tang with this iconic product has left competitors far behind.


Key learnings

This was my first experience with a design consultancy agency and it was the first job I got, after I graduated from my first degree “International Management”, a Business Evaluation Project of WildDesign in Shanghai was a part of my final dissertation.

  • Logo design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Product Design
  • Client Relationship Management
  • New product development
  • Asian Markets