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Down the rabbit hole

Experiential design and art direction were central to the launch of the UNDERLAND brand.

The immersive journey titled “Down The Rabbit Hole” unfolded in Copenhagen, as a venue in the meatpacking district underwent a captivating transformation into a labyrinth. This curated experience welcomed 50 guests per night over the course of four days. Despite navigating through a landscape of COVID-19 restrictions at the time, we orchestrated this concept in just a matter of days. Spearheading the artistic direction for the labyrinth experience, I collaborated closely with a talented team of creatives.


In addition to this, I was responsible for crafting (VIDEO) social media posts and overseeing the design of all other marketing materials.


On social media platforms, I directed the artistic vision for the brand’s launch, which can be observed in the accompanying videos.


For print media, I conceptualized the design of labels for both the Underland gin bottle and the Underland chocolate bar, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling representation of the brand across various mediums.